• Do you want the freshest, tastiest food with the highest nutritional content?

• Would you like to live in a more sustainable and responsible way?

• Are you fed up with traipsing to the shops for expensive, substandard produce?

• Do you want to be sure that your food has been locally and organically grown?


The solution is simple:

Grow your own food!


Own growing is not difficult. Producing your own amazing fruit, vegetables and herbs doesn’t take as much time or effort as you might think. And it doesn’t matter if you only have access to a small growing space. We can all grow something and whatever that thing may be it is sure to be cheaper and tastier than its supermarket equivalent.

OwnGrowing.com aims to provide everyone, from novices to already experienced growers, all of the necessary information and advice for planning, creating and managing perfect edible gardens. Enjoy!